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This site contains both Non-topless and Topless pictures and vidcaps.  It showcases women in various forms of recreational combat against other women.  Regardless of style, all of the matches are “rules” matches -- the women involved in the matches have met ahead of time and agreed on the tactics that will be allowed as well as the tactics that will not be allowed during the match.  And all of the matches are “real” – the winner is determined by the women on the mats by submissions or pins.

IMPORTANT NOTICE:There are tactics you will NOT see in matches on this site.  We do not use punches to the face or head, and any strikes with elbows, wrists, knees or forearms.  Although kicks to the legs and body may be allowed if both women agree, kicks to the head and stomping of any kind are NOT allowed at any time. Attacks to the eyes, the bending of single digits and deliberate use of fingernails are never allowed. Arm bars, chokeholds and similar martial-arts related submission holds can be allowed if and when both women agree to include those tactics in the match.

This site has a Free Area and a Member's Area.  With the Free Area, “what you see is what you get."  Our On-Line Store is available to all, with new matches added every month, so please take a look!  (Sorry -- only Downloads and DVD’s, no tapes.)  And there you will find other products as they become available.

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