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This is a free forum with many categories of postings: producer announcements, stories, videos, artwork - check it out!!

SpectrumCustomRequests.com is a producer of semi-competitive and fantasy fem/fem wrestling matches, catfights and other combative scenarios. A very high-quality producer with an attention to detail!

Combative Feminine Aesthetics: This site is devoted to femfight -- specifically, any kind of voluntary fighting involving women. Their main goal, through art and storytelling, to relay the erotic beauty of women engaged in combative activities.

Tomiko1.com is the "home page" for the beautiful and multi-talented Tomiko. This well-known model and actress provides a web site that contains a wealth of information regarding the many facets of Tomiko's work.

Sexy female athletes and body builders in mixed wrestling action

They offer Videos of Catfights, Women/Mixed Wrestling, Boxing, Fantasy/Competitive/Apartment Style/Fetish matches, Customs and more!

Dangerous Curves Fem-fighting Web Site

Mixed boxing and wrestling videos, photos, belly punching, catfighting and more action inside.

Wrestle Fantasy: female wrestling, catfights, tests of strength and mixed wrestling

The new CAVALIER features beautiful women, intelligent articles and is committed to our young men and women returning to the USA from the war on terror.

Cartoon Catfights: The home of Female Fighting Video Games

Les Femmes Fatales is the wrestling site of the incomparable Robin. The site has been on the 'net since 1997 and provides catfighting, wrestling, martial arts, foot worship, bondage, domination, mixed wrestling, facesitting, fantasy wrestling, role play, competitive matches and much more!!