WBI099Holiday Present:   In addition to competitive matches, WeBringIt creates photo sets for our Members Area depicting women in combat.

While our matches are fully competitive within the rules for that match, the photo sets we produce are cooperative. The women move slowly through a fight scenario, deciding together where the fight will take them and what they will do on-camera to make the still shots attractive. There are also re-takes whenever necessary to get the best shot. One of the very first photo sets WeBringIt created was a holiday “brawl” featuring Jenn and Ariana. The images from this photo set receive many compliments, and many requests for the video from that “match.”

Please note that this was NOT a match – it was a PHOTO SET. This is the “behind the scenes” video from that PHOTO SET. It shows both of these delightful ladies at their very best: gorgeous, enjoying what they do and always doing a terrific job! And to see them against each other at their competitive best, we refer you to WBI014 and WBI015 in the “Bring It, Bitch!” section of the On-line Store.