YCR048 – Learn It, Love It!: In this 15-minute semi-competitive match, Dia meets Lily on the mats in camo lingerie and MMA gloves with the intention of teaching Lily a thing or two about rear naked chokes. But Lily turns out to be a very quick study, and is more than willing to show the teacher what a terrific student she is!

PS125MMA Throwdown:   Chantel has been training for MMA fights and Ariel wants to see what she has learned Ė a sparring session in Chantelís living room at home gets out of hand, and the women go to war! Ariel stuns Chantel and then hand-cuffs her to a table while she runs a bath for herself. But Chantel has some more tricks up her sleeve, and Arielís bath will have to wait! 295 pictures 1280x960