WBI235Bring It, Bitch! #49:   As a pre-match interview between Ariel and Bella proceeds, it becomes clear to Ariel that either Bella is baiting her or she is delusional regarding their upcoming match. Bella leaves no doubt that she thinks Ariel can't beat her, and Ariel finds that both insulting and amusing. When Bella lands a "playful" light slap to her face, Ariel smiles and challenges her to "Come and get it" and Bella is only too happy to oblige. Hair pulling, breast slapping, body punching and face slapping are all allowable tactics, and both women use them as they try to "1-up" their opponent! The first woman to gain a school-girl pin after the 15-minute mark is declared the winner. This 19-minute match is available in 1920x1080HD.