YIR067Fashion War - Director's Cut:   This is a "special edition" of YCR067 - Fashion War between Ariel and Joylyn. All of the face slaps, body punches, breast attacks and body slaps are shown with nothing in between - the result is one continuous war between two gorgeous competitors. This contest for dominance between Joylyn and Ariel is a war of belly punching, face slapping attrition. The first part is a stand-up fight with slaps to the face and body, slaps to breasts, hairpulling and belly punching. The second part moves onto the bed, where the tactics remain the same. In the end there is a defiant but beaten loser and a very arrogant winner. This match is available in two resolutions: 1920x1080HD and 720x480. Choose the one on the purchased download page that best fits your computer.