Director's Cut: Bring It, Bitch! #50:   This is a "special edition" of WBI236 - Bring It, Bitch #50 between Bella and Lily. All of the face slaps, body punches, breast attacks and body slaps are shown with nothing in between - the result is one continuous stand-up striking war between two gorgeous competitors with no breaks in the action at any time. As Bella is preparing for her birthday party, Lily shows up apparently uninvited by Bella. Lily claims that Bella's sister has sent her to Bella's party with a "special present" to give to Bella - her annual ass-beating from her sister! Bella seems to remember a different outcome from previous presents from her sister - she steps up to Lily and demands her present. Lily gives it to her - or does she? Lots of hair pulling, breast slapping, body punching, and face slapping are used by both women! This match is available in 1920x1080HD.