WBI264Submission Catfight:   Jolene's company has agreed to a multi-million dollar contract with DragonLily's firm (Elegant Solutions), and Jolene wants an addition to the contract at no additional charge. Continuing their battle from WBI258, they decide to settle it as only two gorgeous, competitive women can - a catfight, but this time whoever forces three submissions from the other is the winner! Hairpulling, breast attacks, body slapping and punching, wedgies, crotch attacks and face slapping and panty ripping are featured in this very evenly-matched catfight between two competitive women, with both women losing their panties in the fight. They take the fight to the garage where the sound-proofing gives them all the privacy they require! Their personal war lasts 20 minutes before one warrior forces her opponent to submit for the third time. Does Jolene get her addition "pro bono" or does DragonLily add to her winning ways? This match is 1280x720HD.