WBI261Bring It, Bitch #57:   Having gone to the pool party in the afternoon, Bella was getting ready for the evening's festivities when Jolene dropped by. Bothered by Bella's behavior at the pool earlier, Jolene warned Bella to "rein it in" this evening. Bella refused, and after the ladies exchange throwing drinks on each other, the catfight begins. They decide to settle it as only two gorgeous, competitive women can - hairpulling, body slapping and punching, wedgies, crotch attacks and face slapping are featured in this very evenly-matched catfight between two competitive women, with both women losing their panties in the fight. They begin the fight on their feet, but the bed turns out to be just as good for these two wildcats. Their personal war lasts 18 minutes before one warrior forces her opponent to submit and agree to her terms. This match is 1920x1080HD.