WBI269Beating Your Ass, Bitch! #6:   Another terrific catfight from our January, 2016 production. The ladies start in lingerie and quickly strip each other naked. Neither woman spends any energy wrestling - they just pull hair, squeeze breasts and punch and slap the crap out of each other for 21 minutes. On the floor or standing up, these women clearly want to fight each other. Each catfighter goes all out to force her opponent on her back and plant her pussy on her opponent's face. The tide of battle goes first to one woman, then to the other, and back again - neither one gives in to her opponent and each woman "brings it" for the entire fight. Both women are exhausted and visibly marked up when one of them succeeds in face sitting her rival into submitting. This catfight is a classic - possibly the best catfight from our January efforts.