WBI288Oil Catfight Rematch:   Cheyenne Jewel and Jolene Hexx want a rematch on their oil wrestling cat fight. This time it is head scissors submissions only. All cat fight tactics are allowed of course...hair pulling, face slapping, body slappig, belly punching, tit squeezing, and crotch grabbing. The both start out in thongs only and oil each other up with lots of oil. The first to rip off their opponent's thong earns a $25 bonus. Second place gets $10 . If you are unable to strip off their opponent's thong, you lose $10. Both women being highly competitive want that extra $25 bonus. If you liked the first oil wrestling cat fight between these two feisty redheads, you will LOVE this one! This one is even more intense. With all that oil on their bodies, do you think anyone can get a submission? Watch to find out!