YCR093Leg-locked Catfight:   Makayla was the new woman at Dragonlily's company, and she told Dragonlily that she wanted to catfight. When Dragonlily told her that she was too "soft" to be a catfighter, Makayla challenged her to a fight to find out just how "soft" she was. Dragonlily told Makayla to meet her in the company mat room by the lockers if she really wanted to get her ass beat! Both women showed up dressed only in their towels, which were quickly dropped to the floor. For almost 12 minutes the women went to war - pulling hair, squeezing breasts and grabbing crotches as each struggled to keep her rival on her back and dominated! One woman wins and does a victory pose over her defeated foe. They both want a rematch, and we will be happy to oblige.