YCR096Garter-locked Catfight:   Jolene and Makayla are dating the same man, and only one of them is going to have him! They face off in party dresses, thongs, thigh-highs and garter-belts. Both are ready to fight, but first they strip off their dresses and lock their own garter-belts to each others' thigh-highs to keep their fight very close-combat! The first slap is delivered and throughout the catfight the locked garters do their job. The warring women lock and entwine their legs and thighs as they grab and pull breasts, give each other wedgies and go after their opponent's crotch and pussy with abandon. Lots of hairpulling, tit grabbing, and close-in bitch fighting, leaving one woman defeated and the other ready to give one lucky man the night of his life!