PS166Corporate Warfare:   Dragonlily is sitting at her table reading her paper when she is confronted by an angry Ariel. They argue over Ariel's demand for a $100,000 bonus, and when Dragonlily flips one of her suite keys to Ariel with an obvious challenge, there is no turning back. Faces are slapped and the two ferocious warriors fight all over the spacious suite. Clothes are torn off in the living room and the war escalates to the bedroom, where Dragonlily seems to gain the upper hand. As Dragonlily prepares to wash off her battle sweat, Ariel invades the bathroom to resume their "discussion." After fighting their way back to the bedroom, Dragonlily is thrown into the living room again by Ariel for their "final encounter." Or is it? Over 1400 pictures 1280x848.