WBI2963-Round Catfight:   Dragonlily and Koneko are sisters in real life. (How cool is that?) What is not cool, is that Dragonlily gets news that Koneko is dating her ex-boyfriend. She is the older sister, so Koneko needs to do what she says or else. Koneko doesn't like to be told what to do, so the conflict begins. They decided to do a three round (five minutes each) catfight. Dragonlily just wants to show her little sister, by kicking her ass, who the strongest one is and put her in her place. It starts out with a face slap each and they go at it fast and hard. Lots of face slapping, hair pulling, belly punching, body slaps, and more! Which sister will show who the boss is? Let's see Koneko "bring it" against her older sister, Dragonlily