WBI107Body Pins Match:   Dia and Robin are both skilled submission wrestlers and they meet each other for the first time in a pins-only match. With both women a bit out of their element, and with both being very competitive, this match goes back and forth with neither woman wanting their shoulders pinned to the floor!

WBI123Bring It, Bitch! #18:   Lia thinks that Dia has terrible taste in men, and Dia thinks Lia is just terrible period! The blonde and the brunette settle their disagreement with a clothes-ripping, hairpulling, slapping catfight where no holds are allowed for submission until after the15-minute mark.
WBI140Put Up or Shut Up:   Tomiko takes on Dia in a most-falls submission catfight, where hairpulling and body slapping are allowed (and used along with well-timed wedgies!). The catfight goes 24 minutes with the winner a bit tired, a bit sore and very pleased with herself!