YCR1113-Round Apartment Ass-kicking:   Jolene Hexx and Ariel X were planning on rolling around on the mats at the gym for a workout. Ariel X feels like staying home, and this gets Jolene all fired up. She mentions that they don't have to go to the gym for her to kick her ass. Ariel X responds and they get up from the sofa. They do 3 rounds. Whoever gets the other woman in a submission hold will win the round. They blend wrestling with cat fighting tactics added into the fight. Who gets her ass kicked in the apartment? And who issues a challenge for another fight?
WBI3004-Round Battle:   After their first encounter (YCR111) both women jumped at the chance to get on the mats against each other for a rematch. Ariel X and Jolene Hexx put on lingerie to prep for their 4 rounds of face slaps, body punches, breast attacks and wrestling with some crotch attacks added into the mix. Both girls begin and it is anyone's fight as they go at it with amazing skill. Each round gets more intense. Both girls want to win. There can only be one winner. The 4th round will determine the winner with the first head scissor submission. Who will be the winner? You will just have to watch this exciting fight.